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Salou (Spanish: Salou, Greek Salauris) is a city and municipality in Spain, part of the province of Tarragona as part of the Autonomous Community of Catalonia. The municipality is located in the region (Komarki) of Tarragones. It occupies an area of 15.1 km². The population is 27016 people (for 2010).

100 km south of Barcelona is a small green town with the inspiring name Salou. Only 15,000 km² of the bordering on the "golden" sloping coast of the Balearic Islands and sinking in the roaring greens, have become a popular holiday destination for travelers in Europe.

The resort of Salou meets the needs of all: and admirers of a quiet holiday on the azure coast and shopping addicts; reinforced by the cultural heritage of past centuries, families with children and young people. Brilliant weather, along with a pleasant stay, brings their specific blissful shadows to rest. And now about everything in turn.

The beaches of Salou are all "carriers" of the blue flag and guarantee cleanliness and safety. In fact, right in the resort, along the Balearic coast, it is possible to call a continuous beach. Therefore, we turn your attention to the most famous and popular places of the beach holiday.

Beach Ljarga - an incredibly beautiful beach, separated from pine trees and a variety of civilization plants, is called Ljarga. Despite the fact that it looks wild enough in its original form, everything is needed: bars, playgrounds for children, rental of water ammunition.

Lewant Beach is the most famous beach of Salou. In fact, there are enough tourists, however, there is no narrowness: in length the territory is about 1,5 meters. The beach contains all the bliss: Cafe restaurants, beach chairs with showers, playgrounds for children, rescue towers and ammunition for diving. Honestly, it is doubtful that you want to study the ocean floor. Nothing entertaining along the coast is not available.

Capellans Beach has to adapt to the soul of social phobia and those looking for a break in a peaceful atmosphere. His seclusion from both sides is spectacular.

The Ponent beach is very comfortable for children, it will be pleasant for them to laze on the shore. The descent into the sea is gentle and safe here.

Salou can be divided into two parts. For young people looking for an endless celebration of life, the east of the city will be more acceptable, closer to Cambrils. For a laid-back family and secluded leisure - the western, adjacent to La Pineda.

Buy property Spain

The infrastructure of the city is well developed. You can easily get to any hotel in the city. There are family type, economy class, luxury, apartments, hostels. Therefore, they are sure that every traveler will find his perfect value for money.

When removing the apartment a lot of subtleties. Often the owners give the green light for delivery only for the whole year, so from 500 euros per month. Therefore, it will not prevent the problem before the time, that is to solve in the winter. If you want to rent an apartment for only two months, you may get a refusal or an increased cost.

Hotels in Salou - unbelievably much (more than a hundred), because the traveler who first arrived at this resort, it is easy to be surprised. We recommend that you first decide what kind of leisure you prefer. Near the sea are hotels for a quiet and family vacation. Those in the center are more suitable for young people, because they can be said to be only two steps away from the required nightcare facilities. There are hotels directly on the territory of the amusement park Port Aventura

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