Puerto del Carmen

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Puerto del Carmen is located in the southeast of Lanzarote. The resort stretches along the sea for 7 kilometers, which cover wide sandy beaches. In the east, Puerto del Carmen came very close to the fiery island's air gate.

In different parts of Lanzarote, 300 volcanic cones rise above the cosmic landscape. Many travelers who are wondering where to spend their holidays in the Canary Islands choose Lanzarote. The island attracts not only comfortable cities in terms of tourist infrastructure, large beaches, cultural attractions, but also a surreal view. Here is the vine on black lava fields and on one of the sleeping volcanoes.

Many of the island's attractions are the hands of world-famous artist and sculptor Cesar Manrique, who is from Lanzarote. It was he who laid the cultural foundation that helped the island preserve its identity and architectural integrity.

Even the tower of the above-named hotel was built in the absence of the artist on the island, and when Manrique returned from New York, the construction was frozen for several decades. And now stands alone in a skyscraper - a five-star hotel. Puerto del Carmen and other places of the island of the volcanoes are famous for the presence of white houses in 2-3 floors that adorn each city.

One of the most persistent problems of Lanzarote is water, or rather, its absence. In this regard, the only solution for the island was the desalination of water from the sea, which is used today for daily needs. Drinking water in the resorts is sold in bottles.

Despite its similarity to the labyrinth, Puerto del Carmen is immediately mesmerizing, like Lanzarote itself. Beaches in beautiful bays, an active volcano, caves created by the lava flow, fish restaurants, bright cities and original villages, scattered chrysolite on the Atlantic coast ... All this does not leave even the discerning tourist cold.

The island of Lanzarote was named in honor of the Genoese merchant and sailor Lanzarotto Malosello, who landed here in 1312. Women of the fiery island had 3-4 husbands working in agriculture, serving children.

In the year 1402 Jean de Betancourt came to the island of Lanzarote, which later formed a base for the conquest of the other islands of the Canarian archipelago. Many residents were sold into slavery. The survivors survived attacks from raiders and pirates from the northwestern African coast.

The popular resort of Cueva de los Verdes was a refuge for those who did not manage to escape to the neighboring island of Gran Canaria. British pirates also attacked a fiery island and stole it. In the middle of the 17th century, the population of Lanzarote was reduced to 300 people.

The residents did not suffer only from attacks by pirates and conquistadors. In the 1730s, during 6 years, volcanic eruptions occurred on the island, destroying virtually all populated areas and fertile lands. Years later, the islanders discovered that the volcanic soil was very fertile for agriculture, especially for grapes.

And the former fishing village of Puerto del Carmen has become the center of tourist life on the island

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