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Malaga (also Malaga, Malaga [malaɣa]) is a city in southern Spain, in Andalusia. The administrative center of the province of Malaga. The population is 569,009 people (2016). The municipality is located in the region (komarki) of Malaga - Costa del Sol. It covers an area of 395 km².

The friendly city of Málaga is located on the south coast of Spain, in the heart of the famous resort of Costa del Sol. It is the second largest city in Andalusia, famous for its old streets, green boulevards and lush gardens. It is also the starting point to many resorts, so that only a few tourists who have visited the "Sunshine" pass through this characteristic port city.

Malaga was founded in the XI century. BC. e. Phoenician and was then called Malaka ("salty"). In the VIII century, the area was invaded by the Arabs, and the city became an important center of trade, the first possession of the Cordoba Caliphate, and after the overthrow of the Umayyad dynasty, obtains the status of a separate capital of the kingdom, depending on Granada , Already at this time the city finds its modern name and many of its famous monuments. However, by the Moors in 1487 Malaga otvoovyvaetsya Castilian, and in the sixteenth century it became the center of uprisings of the Moriscos (city is usually very often a series of turbulence and rebellion worry).

As a result of this turbulent history of Malaga is an amazing legacy in the form of a specific blend of Moorish and Christian traditions, architectural complexes of all styles and directions, as well as the glory of one of the "liveliest" cities in the country and, strangely enough, one of the poorest in the region arose.

The wide 14-kilometer coast of Malaga is divided into 16 beaches. The most secluded beaches in the village can be reached by bus. The average slope on city beaches is 14%. In the west of the resort there are sandy beaches (dark sand prevails), in the east there are stony and rocky sections of the coast. In several years, all the beaches of Malaga have been awarded the prestigious Blue Flag award.

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The beaches La Malagueta, La Misericordia, Pedregalejo and San Andrés are located in the center of Malaga and are considered the most popular holiday destinations in the resort. The beaches are equipped with playgrounds, volleyball and football zones, showers and cabanas, as well as bars and seafood restaurants. Sun loungers, sun loungers and water bicycles can be hired. Along the city shore there are small wells with drinking water.

The beaches of Guadalmar and Campo de Golf are located away from the central part of Malaga - and offer a more relaxed holiday away from city noise. It is important to remember that a small part of the coast on Guadalmar beach is unofficially considered nudist.

The small beaches of Baños del Carmen or Peñón del Cuervo are located in cozy coves. Calm waters and good infrastructure make the beaches a truly heavenly place.

Walk along the main street of the city - Alameda Prinsipal - (XVIII c) (XX century) you can see the elegant Palacio de la Aduana to see, antique Correos (the old post office, the beginning of the XX century) and the impressive neo-baroque town hall. Among the monuments of earlier periods are picturesque Cathedral of Malaga (XVI century.), Often referred to as La Mankita ("one-armed" - south the bell tower had never been so completed), the majestic fortress Alcazaba (Palace of the Moorish Malaga rulers Century IX) with two rings of walls, numerous towers and fortified gates, the castle lighthouse Gibralfaro (reconstructed in the XIII century from the earlier structures, presumably - Phoenician), the Roman theater and the amphitheater of Flavius, Cathedral Encarnación, Plaza de Torros (region would be Cove, an ancient center of bullfighting), palaces Palacio Episcopal and the Palacio de los Condes Church of Del Sagran and Parrokual de Santiago, as well as more than 30 km of fortifications from different eras.

Malaga is the birthplace of Picasso, so it is not surprising that two different museums are dedicated to it - the new Picasso Museum (opened in 2002) and the old Casa de Natal-de-Picasso complex. Worth mentioning are also the exhibitions of the Patrimonio Museum (Municipal Museum), the Museum of Contemporary Art (CAC Malaga), the Interactive Music Museum (MIMMA), the Municipal Museum and the Museum of Popular Traditions and Art.

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New car Malaga Museum (Museo automovilístico de Málaga) has a rich collection: here are collected vintage luxury car, created by such big companies as Bugatti, Packard, Rolls Royce, Delage and others. The collection consists of several thematic sections - Belle Époque, Art Deco, Dolce Vita, "20s", "Eccentricity", "Dream Car", "Popular Cars", "English Tradition" and "Tuning". A separate exhibition "Cars and Hats" tells the story of how Balenciaga or Dior combines hats with a particular machine. The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 to 19:00. The ticket price is 6 euros. The museum is located in: Avenida Sor Teresa Prat, 17.

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