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Mallorca (Mallorca [maʎorka], cat. Mallorca [mērkə], Latin insula maior, later Maiorica - "bigger island" than Menorca) - one of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean, belongs to Spain. The area is 3640.16 km ², so Mallorca is the largest island of Spain in terms of area. The population is 859,289 inhabitants (2015). Like other Balearic Islands - Ibiza, Formentera and Menorca - Mallorca is popular as a holiday resort.

Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands. The landscape of Mallorca is very diverse and picturesque: from southwest to northeast stretches the Serra de Tramuntana, the entire northwest coast is rocky, and the southwest - white sandy beaches and cozy coves.

In the south of the island of Mallorca is a huge bay of exceptional beauty, where the capital of the island is the city of Palma. In the port of Palma de Mallorca countless luxury cruise ships and ships that connect daily Mallorca with various ports of the mainland. The magnificent airport of São João, which receives most visitors to this Mediterranean paradise in the middle of the tourist season, is one of the busiest airports in Europe.

Mallorca is extremely developed sailing. In Palma there are many competitions, especially noteworthy is the Royal Sailing Cup (in the first week of August). Every year in this competition the entire royal family of Spain participates.

There are 12 golf courses on the island. Regular Open de Baleares takes place here, a tournament for professionals in a class of its own.

One of the most popular folk entertainment in Mallorca is the horse-drawn carriage that takes place at the end of each week in the Hippodromes of Palma and Manacor. For horse lovers, it is possible to rent a horse (even for a week) in one of the many stables and take a long hike along the island.

For centuries, Palma de Mallorca has been a place of mixing and development of many cultures and peoples. Although some, but beautiful examples of Arabic art, Gothic and other architectural styles give an idea of the cultural and architectural wealth of the city.

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Over the bay dominate like stone guardian two beautiful historical buildings. One of them, standing proudly on a hill covered with green pines, the Bellver Castle, the only Spanish round built a fortress at the beginning of the XIV century on behalf of Jaime II, is a symbol of this era when Mallorca became an independent kingdom and commercial power in the Western Mediterranean was. This castle is a unique example of military architecture in the style of civil Gothic. Currently there is the City Historical Museum.

Another graceful silhouette visible from afar is the cathedral, which was built on the site of an old Arab mosque. The construction of the cathedral in the style of primitive Gothic was also begun during the reign of Jaime II. Opposite the cathedral stands the Almudine Palace, the old palace of the kings of Majorca, formerly an Arab fortress. The Almudine Palace hosts official receptions of the Spanish royal family during their summer stay on the island of Mallorca.

The climate in Mallorca is unusually mild and warm, gentler than in continental Spain: There is no exhausting heat and high humidity. The average summer temperature is plus 28 degrees.

"Riverside "Palma, despite the rampant urbanization is still able to please guests of the city. Stretching around the beaches (or rather, the beaches chain) attract both indigenous and temporary traveler settlers. Beach Palma (Playa de Palma), length of 7 km, stretches from El Arenal (El Arenal). Districts Las Maravillas and El Arenal, with all their differences is completely lined with hotels, bars, restaurants and others more or less successfully Along the narrow artificial beach, the Auto Trad stretches, along the straw parasols, apparently For more exotic running, this beach is the ideal place to find a satellite (or companion) in the evening, but keep your eyes on your belongings and wallet: .. young offenders the rest prefer those crowded places.

Palma Nova has three large beaches of fine sand and is surrounded by many beautiful private villas. In Magaluf's wide, comfortable coves of clean sand and clear water, nearly a kilometer of beach is well-equipped, with a well-deserved "blue flag". Directly on the beach, in the shade of the trees, there is a small children's park.

Kaloborsky beach - the smallest sand and turquoise sea, protected by huge cliffs. The pristine beauty of this place is enchanting.

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Mallorca traditionally celebrates many different folk and religious festivals. For example, on the 17th of January, the Feast of St. Anthony is celebrated, where the fires are lit, sung, danced and drunk. Saint Anthony is considered the patron saint of animals, so the so-called "blessing of the animals" is organized. June 29 in Alcudia and July 16 in the Pot de Soller and Cala Rajada are happy procession of Mariners. Cavalcade Beata, a procession of carriages, will be held in the streets of Valdemossa on July 27th.

There are two water parks in Mallorca. Not so long ago Western Water Park opened - a theme park with many exciting water attractions near Magaluf. It is the largest and most famous of all amusement parks on the island. Throughout the day there are various shows - performances of stuntmen, show of birds of prey, Can-Kan show and others. Both adults and children can be reborn with the help of a professional make-up artist among the inhabitants of the Wild West.

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