Costa Brava

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Costa Brava (Cat. And Spanish Costa Brava, "Wild, Rocky, Strict Coast") is a strip of Mediterranean coast in northeastern Catalonia, in the province of Girona, as part of the Spanish Kingdom. The zone Costa Brava covers the areas of the districts Alt-Emporda and Bash-Emporda. It stretches 162 km from the city of Blanes to the border with France. In the north of the Costa Brava lies Costa Bermeja, in the south the Costa del Maresme.

Costa Brava (Costa Brava) - one of the most beautiful places in Spain. The coast, which fascinates you at first sight, lies in the north of Catalonia. The Costa Brava stretches along the coast from the border with France to Blanes. "Costa Fett" translates Costa Brava from Spanish. A large number of tourists from all over the world attracts this place with its unique charm.

Spain is one of the most amazing regions on the globe, all the regions that make it up have a unique and unforgettable charm and a special color. One of the most beautiful corners of the country is the Costa Brava. On the one hand, stunning rocky shores, on the other, unattractive for the construction of industrial ports allowed these shores to preserve a pristine atmosphere of peace and tranquility. Lots of greenery, olive groves and cozy sandy beaches let those who once visited this splendor return again and again.

On the Costa Brava, there are wonderful little towns that gently merge into one another and entice you with the scents of freshness, sea air and lush vegetation.

Lloret de Mar, of which only 65 kilometers to Barcelona, is very popular with tourists. In this city of the Costa Brava, take a dip in the refreshing waves of the Mediterranean, take a walk through the small streets and you will surely be charmed by this place, in addition to visit the ruins of the ancient city of Loredo, once flourished in these wonderful places. Old town of Lloret de Mar, where you can see the old buildings of the Monastery of S. Cristina (XIV century) and the church of San Roma, built in 1522, is sure to attract your attention and you will be attracted by The places fascinated to wander, the feeling of connection to time. In this coastal town of Costa Brava you can relax and actively, for example, go to the disco, visit the water park, a theater show in a medieval castle, do not miss the opportunity to keep fit.

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Tossa de Mar is another place on the Costa Brava. This city is known as the real pearl of the Costa Brava for the beauty of its natural landscape. The history of Tossa de Mar has more than a millennium, remember that this land was inhabited before the Iberians and Romans. In the late Middle Ages, the city received a fortress that protected it from raids, remnants of fortress walls and is now accessible to all. The unsurpassed beauty of Tossa de Mar inspired a large number of creative people, and Marc Chagall, whose work is in the local museum.

Costa Brava is in its arsenal is another small but cozy town - Cadaques, here again intertwined beautiful landscapes, cultural and historical heritage. You will dive into the past, walk on the seafront and look at the beautiful landscape of this city, and after a visit to the church. Looking into local shops and boutiques, you will be in the breadth of Surprised by the proposed selection, friendly providers will not leave you without a purchase, the area is really something for everyone. Only attractive are shops selling fresh fish and seafood.

This city has another attractive place - the Perrot-Mura Art Center, which exhibits works by the world-famous master of surrealism, Salvador Dali. This museum appeared on the Costa Brava in a house of Dali.

Village Pubol probably attracts admirers of the work of the great master of horror, because here is Gala Castle, which Dali loved all his life. The plane trees, which emphasize the beauty and grandeur of the place, prepare viewers to contemplate the most important action - a castle filled with surrealistic ideas that embodies the outstanding intentions of the Mystifier. Paintings, sculptures, an old throne and a Baroque-style fireplace, surreal walls and ceilings decorated with Salvador Dali's hand.

Salvador Dali idealized his beloved, even invented a tomb, so that even after death, the lovers could hold hands, but in the castle only Gala found El Salvador in the family estate in Figueira's rest. By the way, you can visit this amazing city that also travels the Costa Brava.

Alt Emporda is a historical region that inspired the great genius. Here you can visit the museum and the house of Dali. No less charming are the Natural Park of Cap de Creus, the medieval ensemble of Sant Marti d'Empuries, the ruins of Empuries and the valleys of the Aiguamolls de l'Emporda Natural Park. Natural beauty borders on the beauty of the monumental, built many centuries ago and therefore even more fascinating. Alt Emporda is attractive with an amazing combination of luxurious antiques and natural beauty that admires what you see.

Blanes is the southern border of the Costa Brava. Come to Barcelona, her city is tireless. From a small fishing village Blanes became the capital of the Costa Brava. The old town is adorned with a 14th-century church, in the middle of which stands the castle of San Juan dating back three centuries. On the way to the sea you can walk along the Botanical Garden, which offers over 3000 species of plants for long walks in the shade. Among the pearls of the Costa Brava, Blanes undoubtedly stands out in many ways.

Palamos is a city on the Costa Brava. An amazing combination of fish color, a tourist place and beautiful scenery. In Palamos, a beautiful coast, beautiful beaches and a very clean sea. True, Barcelona is already 130 kilometers away, but only 45 to Girona.

The resort of Platja d'Aro on the Costa Brava in Spain is also known as Playa de Aro, Platja de Aro. Completely synonymous with the name, hidden beautiful beaches and coves. The structure of Platja de Aro includes the famous elite resort of S'Agaro, which is adjoined by a small medieval town of Castel de Aro. It is 106 km from Barcelona and Girona Airport - 35 km. The resort is inhabited only by 10 thousand inhabitants, but the Costa Brava is unimaginable without Platja de Aro.

There is a Costa Brava and a pretty big resort Rosas. It is 61 km from Girona, 160 km from Barcelona. To get to this city, you can reach by bus and train the nearest station Girona. Due to the different interpretations of the Spanish dialects, the name of this city sounds in several variants - Rosas, Roses, Roses. Every option is possible when, next to the name of the Costa Brava, the bay of Roses looks like a 15-kilometer-long arch, framed by beautiful sandy beaches.

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Empuriabrava, 65 km from Girona and 160 km from Barcelona, is one of the most popular resorts on the Costa Brava. After Figueiras is only 15 km, there is the nearest train station. Yachting is one of the most popular entertainments of this young resort, which appeared on the Costa Brava map in the 70s of the 20th century.

Palafrugell is the center of the Costa Brava. Rather, even its cultural center. At the beginning of the last century, the cork oak blossomed, today tourism comes to the fore. But the museum dedicated to the cork oak has remained. Apart from Palafrugell itself, this area is home to Llafranc (Lafranc), Calella de Palafrugell and Tamariu seaside resorts. The distance to the international airports of Girona and Barcelona is 44 and 150 km respectively.

The population of Palafrugell is about 30 thousand people. In the summer it is very crowded, because tourists are attracted by this place with many holidays and the possibility to taste fresh fish. Palafrugell is connected to the cities by bus. It is impossible not to mention the Botanical Garden of Cape Roc, which is located in this area of the Costa Brava. A very romantic place, in the depth of which a fairy-tale castle was built in neo-Gothic style, the Russian Colonel Nikolai Voevodsky for his beloved wife Dorothy.

La Escala is the largest fishing port of the Costa Brava. This is a paradise for fish lovers. By and large, this place is a fishing village that specializes in the production of anchovies. But the beaches and landscapes here are no less attractive, so that every water sport and everything that has to do with the sea is available.

The ruins of Empuriès - a breathtaking place will certainly leave no one indifferent. You can not be a person interested in history or archeology, emotions when visiting the ruins of Empuries are guaranteed. There are these treasures of antiquity in the municipality of L'Escala on the Costa Brava.

To this day, this place is unique, as the excavations of the Greek and Roman cities are carried out at the only place on the Iberian Peninsula.

The remains of an ancient city on the Costa Brava can tell the social and commercial life of the people who lived here before our era. Empuries consists of three parts - the old town (Paliapolis), the new town - Neapolis and the Roman city. A walk on once majestic buildings takes about two hours, the strongest impressions remain under the rays of the sunset, reminiscent of the frailty of human existence.

San Feliu de Guixols is a small resort in the heart of the Costa Brava. To get from this place to Girona, it is possible to have overcome 50 km, and to Barcelona - 100. The small town, the population of 20 thousand people will try to make your rest incredibly comfortable. The resort's characteristic natural features are the picturesque mountainous terrain and the presence of dense mixed forests.

The Mediterranean Costa Brava is a small and very cozy little town. Like Llansa, situated between the foothills of the mountains of Alber and Cape Kressus. Nature gave this place generous a charming landscape. The population is just over 5 thousand people. Lanza is 65 km from Girona and 160 km from Barcelona. The city has its own train station.

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Medes archipelago consists of seven rocky islands and several reefs, just one kilometer from the Costa Brava. The area is a nature reserve, located near the port city of L'Estartit on the coast - this is a true paradise for lovers of walks and divers. There is an unusually rich flora and fauna, numerous caves and tunnels, only unique natural resources are concentrated in this place.

Absolutely breathtaking views are open to anyone who wants to see the beauty of the coast, go on a boat trip, or dive to the bottom with scuba gear. The Costa Brava leaves an unforgettable impression for those who have visited this place and admired the natural beauty. The mild climate and the sandy beaches, the marine landscape and the developed infrastructure make it ideal for recreation. The harmony of the life of nature and man forces us to return again and again to this place.

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