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Cordoba (Córdoba [korðoβa]) is an ancient city in Andalusia, the capital of the province of Cordoba. Located on the slope of the spur of the Sierra Morena on the right bank of the Guadalquivir in a fertile and very hot terrain. Cordova was founded during the reign of Rome. Today Cordoba is a modern city of medium size with a population of 321 thousand people. In the Old City, many historical monuments of the heyday of the capital of the Cordoba Caliphate, which occupied almost the entire Iberian Peninsula.

The main sensation that Cordoba is causing me is the deepest immersion in the Middle Ages. In no other city in the world did I encounter such a time machine. And, this is not a boring feeling, but, on the contrary, very "alive". Horse-drawn carriages ride along the cobbled streets of the Old City, women in taverns dance in the wooden shoes of flamenco. But all this would not have made such a great sense, not to be preserved in Cordoba by a miracle its great historical background: the fortress wall, watchtowers, bridges, gates.

The second thing that does not tire of admiring in Cordoba is its phenomenal cosiness. Snow-white walls of houses are covered with flowers, narrow alleys lead to tiny squares with lemon trees. Everything seems to me here fantastic and surprisingly pretty. A wonderful town where you want to live forever!

The main attractions of Cordoba are concentrated in the Old Town, the heart of which is the Cathedral. Therefore, I advise you to mark it with a greasy point on the map, visit first and then walk as much as you like on the surrounding medieval streets.

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It is here that you will find all the most beautiful houses, museums, temples, public gardens and typical taverns. I especially like that in the Old Town the doors of many apartment houses are ajar and it is possible to look quite legally into the inner courtyards richly decorated with flowers.

A very special part of the Old Town is the Jewish Quarter (Juderia). You will immediately understand when you are there: the streets are already narrower, there are no windows on the lattice houses. There is also a synagogue and a Jewish museum. Geographically, the Jewish quarter is located to the north-west of the Cathedral. Be sure to stroll to it, preferably in the early morning. It is one of the popular tourist spots and during the "peak hours" wishing to see how Jewish families lived in Cordoba in the 10th-15th centuries, they do not physically fit in the tiny streets.

In the Old Town of Cordoba you can find many cozy tapas bars ("sandwiches"), traditional Andalusian taverns (in the evenings flamenco often sounds in them), as well as fine gourmet restaurants. Also, a significant part of the café is located on numerous city squares. They are not as romantic as in "medieval" institutions, but there is an opportunity to observe the locals!

What can you do in Cordoba? Fidalsa International Group recommends:

  • Bombo Club. Address: Calle Alfaros 31;
  • Sala Metropolis. Address: Av. Profesor Arnold J. Toynbee, 25;
  • Long Rock Club. Address: Teniente Braulio Laportilla, 6.

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