Girona, Girona (Gerona), Gerunda, Gerona - a city in the northeast of Spain, in the autonomous community of Catalonia, the center of the same province of Girona and the Catalan language of Girones. The population for 2011 is 96 722 people. Well-preserved from the Middle Ages, the historical core of the city attracts a large number of tourists to Girona.

Girona, the largest city in Northern Catalonia, has become famous as the "city of a thousand sieges" - it stands on the most important ancient road Via Augusta, built by the Romans (according to which the imperial troops marched from Rome to Cadiz) and was a desired goal for all who dreamed of gaining a foothold in Catalonia.

Colorful lodges along the river and old quarters create a special atmosphere of the city, attracting tourists from all over the world to Girona (or Heron, as the Spaniards call it) every year. I first came to Girona while relaxing on the beaches of Costa Brava.

The convenient location of the city makes it extremely attractive for both avid travelers and for beach tourists. The proximity of its main attractions allows you to see the city in one day, but for those who are willing to spend more time on the examination, Girona provides a huge range of opportunities. Walking through ancient streets, visiting magnificent cathedrals, unusually interesting museums, shopping, a variety of gastronomy - all this can be found in this wonderful city.

The small river Onyar divides the city of Girona into two parts: the historic center of Barri Veil with a cathedral, the Jewish quarter, Romanesque and Gothic buildings is located on the right bank, the modern areas of Barri del Mercadal are on the left bank.

Arriving in Girona, go to the embankment of the river Onyar, to Plata de Catalunya (sq. Catalunya). This is one of the main urban squares; behind it, on the right bank of the river, there is a well-preserved fortress wall surrounding the ancient Girona; next to the wall are broken gardens (Jardines de la Muralla).

We advise you to climb the fortress wall and stroll along it to imagine the size of the ancient city. You can go down from the wall at the Placa de Josep Ferrater i Mora (Josép-Ferrat-e-Mora square), next to the Convent de Sant Domenec monastery. The monastery, one of the first Gothic buildings in Catalonia, was founded in the 13th century; now it is transferred to the University of Girona.

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