Buñol (Bunyol), a municipality in Spain, is part of the Province of Valencia in the Community of Valencia (Autonomous Community). The municipality is located in the district (komarki) of Oia de Buñol.

The small town of Bunyol is an ideal place for those who want to enjoy the typical landscape of the Spanish settlements, as well as for those who like unusual and slightly insane ways of recreation. Buñol was just a small town, but an event now makes it one of the most popular places in Spain - La Tomatina.

The Spanish community Bunyol belongs to the province of Valencia, the district of Oia de Buñol. The area of the city is 112.4 square kilometers, and the population is just over 10 thousand people. This is a typical Spanish town where the local population earns their living by growing olives, grapes and almonds. But it lasts almost the whole year, and a week in the summer turns Buñol into a tourist center with a well-developed infrastructure ready to receive thousands of tourists. Of course, this time is the world famous holiday La Tomatina.

The La Tomatina Festival takes place every year on the last Wednesday in August. Although the festival lasts a whole week, it starts on Monday. At this time in Buñol tourists come almost from all over the world. Every year, almost 40,000 people take part in the festival.

You can reach Buñol by car or by public transport. The city is located near Valencia (only 40 km), as often as tourists stop there, and then take a bus to Buñol. By the way, in La Tomatina in Buñol itself, it is very difficult to find a place to live, and many who want to participate in tomato battles seek shelter in all the surrounding settlements.

The origin of the tradition of intertwining tomatoes is not well known. There are two versions. You are deeply involved in history and say that one day a nobleman came to the market and started to play a musical instrument. But he was playing very badly, so the sellers started to throw him vegetables, which the crowd liked, and there was a general scuffle. Another version says that the tradition arose in 1945. Then during the holidays there was a procession of people dressed in big dolls. Someone from the crowd shoved the participants and a fight broke out. In the course of everything went on the nearby shelves. Pobo youth liked it, and they gathered again next year, but for entertainment, not aggression.

Which version is true is not very important now. The main thing is that 130 tons of ripe tomatoes are spent annually for mass entertainment La Tomatina. The holiday is pleasant for both residents and tourists. In 1957, the authorities banned the festival because people were traumatized in battles. However, the humans seized the weapons, tomato fights had to be returned. But today there are strict rules of participation in the battle that prohibit the use of rudeness and traumatize people. In fact, such a terrible tomato massacre is a friendly and fun conversation that will always be remembered. By the way, on the streets of city authorities there are special showers for this time, so that people can get themselves in order. In addition to the fight of the tomatoes during the festival, there are other entertainments - try to get the Spanish Jamon from a high slippery pillar.

Spending time in Buñol can be really unusual and funny because there is no such festival anywhere else.

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