Algeciras is a city and municipality in Spain, part of the province of Cadiz, as part of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia. The municipality is located in the district (komarki) of Campo de Gibraltar. It occupies an area of 86 km². The population is 116,417 people (for 2010). Distance 120 km to the administrative center of the province.

Algeciras is the largest port in southern Spain. Located on the west coast of Gibraltar Bay. The port is connected to the railway network of the country. It is one of the ten "world ports" of the European Union with a turnover of more than 50 million tons per year. In the structure of the cargo handling there is the container transport. With a handling capacity of over 3 million containers per year, it ranks first in the Mediterranean in container traffic.

The city has long been of strategic importance and has recently become a fairly large industrial hub.

The settlement in this place exists since prehistoric times and the city itself was founded in the time of the great Roman Empire. Since then, however, it has been repeatedly looted by wild tribes and restored several times. The largest contribution to the development of the city may have been made by the Moors, from the 8th to the 13th century.

But the transformation of the city into an industrial center took place only in the middle of the last century after the closure of the border. Algeciras had to take the lead on behalf of Franco to work for those Spanish citizens who had previously worked in British docks.

Despite the fact that this Atotsiras can’t boast of a large number of attractions, it is still a fairly popular tourist destination. He has a unique atmosphere of the "border point", where there are so many different cultures: Christians and Muslims. In Algeciras, the influence of Arabian traditions can be felt at every step: signs in Arabic, small teahouses where you can taste traditional Moroccan dishes and famous mint tea.

Perhaps the most interesting places for tourists are the central square of the town of Alta-Plaza, which is lined with colorful tiles and decorated with fountains, as well as the harbor. From there, ships and ferries go to Morocco. In addition, this place was also chosen by the owners of yachts and boats. Algeciras is also a convenient base for those who want to travel to southern Spain.

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