Guardamar del Segura

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Guardamar del Segura - a settlement and municipality in Spain, is part of the province of Alicante and the Autonomous Community of Valencia (autonomous community). Located at the confluence of the Segura River in the Mediterranean. The municipality is located in the district (komarki) of Vega-Baja del Segura. It occupies an area of 35.58 km ². The distance to the provincial administrative center is 35 km.

Guardamar del Segura is located near Alicante (the distance to the airport is 25 km.), In the south, 10 km away, lies the city of Torrevieja. The population of the city is small - about 12,000 permanent residents, but, as in other cities on the coast, at the height of the tourist season, the number of vacationers increased by about three times. At other times of the year, the streets are relatively deserted, allowing privacy and tranquility that are not violated, and when tourists come for a leisurely pastime, they go mainly to big cities, both on the coast and on the coast Peninsula.

The weather conditions are comparable to the climate of the entire coast, the only observation - the proximity of salt lakes and conifers, equal to the count as the sea, is a good argument for people with chronic respiratory diseases. The number of sunny days per year is about 320 days and the average annual temperature varies between 16 and 18 degrees Celsius. The summer is naturally quite hot, although the heat is balanced by the dryness of the air, which makes it easier to tolerate. Precipitation - a phenomenon rare but colorful at the same time - a storm and thunder create unique images.

Beaches are a special asset in the arsenal of the village. For this reason, the sale of property in Guardamar del Segura is in great demand - the suitable for swimming coast extends over 15 km. All the beaches of the coast are awarded the Blue Flag, because of their high level of service, they are considered the best in the area, so you can see here many Spaniards who are still oriented and know where to sunbathe and buy. The most famous is Playa Centro, the central beach, which is about 500 meters from the coastline of the city and, of course, in its central part. This beach can really compete with famous competitors abroad, but at the same time it has an important and perhaps the main advantage - it is easy to find a free place and in general the people are smaller. To its right is Playa La Roqueta, which also honors its status as one of the best beaches on the coast. To the south stretches a wonderful beach called Playa de Babilonia, whose hallmarks are small pavilions with curtains where you can hide from the sunlight.

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For those who prefer naturism, Guardamar del Segura also has a nudist beach Los Tusales, half a kilometer from the coast. The beach is not wild, quite official, equipped like all others, at the highest level.

A peculiarity of the beaches Guardamar del Segura can be called their high competitiveness with other European beaches, in contrast to which they are not crowded with travelers and offer freedom of movement and choice.

There you will find everything you need for an autonomous and comfortable life. There are several large supermarkets - Lidl, located in the street Calle Mediterraneo, Mercadona, which is located in the same place, and MasyMas, whose address is the street Del Puerto. They work every day except Sundays. There are also many shops, meat and vegetable shops in the town and there are several markets in Guardamar del Segura. The main market of the city is every Wednesday in the street Calle San Pedro. There is also an evening market, open at 9pm until midnight. You can find it by going down Calle Ingeniero Mira, which leads from the town to the beach. Every Sunday, the market Campo Guardamar, in the street José Antonio Larramendi, where you can buy clothes and household goods. As a rule, you can buy everything at local markets - fresh vegetables and fruits, leather goods, bed linen, shoes, bags, knitwear etc.

If you enjoy walking in quiet parks and gardens, you will find many opportunities for this type of activity. Two of the most famous city parks here are the park Alfonso XIII (King Alfonso of Thirteenth Park) in the north and Park Reina Sofia (Queen Sofia Park), only in the south. Closer to the coast is the dune park. On their vast territories, an area of more than 1,000. Ha, you can see not only exotic species of turtles and birds (including peacocks migratory peaceful), but also many plants that are unique to this area. Stroll among wells, lakes and ponds, fishing among the conifers on the well-groomed paths, and fortify yourself for those who are interested in entertainment.

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Water sports, yacht charter, scuba diving - all this can also be found in Guardamar del Ségura, in the center of Marina de las Dunas, in the northern part of Alfonso Park. Also in the city there are tennis courts. For example, you can play Pedro De Rincon in one of the three courts near the restaurant and use the services of an instructor.

The history of the city, its heritage and the outstanding inhabitants are presented to you by the Museum, whose visit is completely free. You can also explore the area alone, but it is better to get the help of a guide or at the worst end of the map of attractions. In addition, the city has night clubs, bars and restaurants offering both European and Spanish and exotic cuisine. Here are a few restaurants in town - the Greek Acropolis (on Plaza Porticada), Chinese Chinese Town (Avenida Cervantes Street), Spanish Dia y Noche (Calle Inginiero Mira Street), La Proa Seafood Restaurant (Calle General Prim Street) , Indian Mother India (Complex Via Park).

The main achievement of the city and its inhabitants is that despite the active development of the Spanish coast, they were able to maintain authenticity. The availability of nearby large cities thanks to a well thought out transport connection, excellent infrastructure and the availability of all the necessary attributes of the modern Spanish holiday resort.